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As humans, we have various opportunities to do many different kinds of activities in our lives which include work, play, recreation, and performance. When we choose to perform it is usually a passionate desire that allows us to improve our abilities or accelerate our talents. This gives us the opportunity to be the best that we can be in our chosen modality of performance. In order to do this successfully, we need the support and alignment of our bodies, whether it is being a star marathoner, Olympic swimmer, tennis or golf pro, opera singer or musician, company president, or mother.

All of these skills, talents, and choices more often than not, require specific use of certain areas of our bodies. A tennis player must be agile and flexible in their legs, arms, hands, hips, and abdomen as well as many other parts of the body. A professional singer requires strength and flexibility in the rib cage, abdomen, back and chest because the breath is the foundation of singing. A construction contractor, requires great strength in the upper body, back, and legs.

Every skill or talent that we strive for and every performance of that skill requires support and participation from the body. Konea Massage focuses on facilitating and strengthening the body to support the activity that you are striving to achieve. This bodywork is all about backing the body to be able to perform at its optimum, with no pain, the ‘no pain…no gain’ adage is truly a misbelief of the past!

At Konea Massage we want you to feel better, be better and do better! So, we work in many different modalities specific to your individual needs and support. We see the body, mind, and soul as one functioning unit. It is not disjointed or separated, but operates as a fluid and synchronized orchestra of many different parts, working together as one. We do all in our power to assist you to tap into that body wisdom and align with this inner orchestra, so you may achieve your goals and live your life to the fullest!


When working with athletes there is only one goal… to get you better at your sport! Athletes are results-oriented; therefore, our goal is to support you and your body to achieve the results you want and as much as possible prevent sports injuries and or pain.

Sports injuries are often more about “bad habits” or patterns developed over time. These patterns can create chronic pain and limitation and can ultimately prohibit the movements necessary to perform the sport if not addressed properly. We work with athletes not only to support the body in greater mobility and strength but to educate the athlete to understand how best to cultivate healthy habits of movement and posture to enhance the overall performance of the body and sport. For example, a recent client who is former MMA Fighter/Boxer has been trying to work through pain in his right hip. It turns out this man who is a southpaw had created a torsion pattern coming from his left foot, in order to maximize his punching power. However, he is no longer boxing, but instead is developing a career as a personal trainer, so the torsion pattern no longer optimally serves him as it robs him of strength and balance in non-boxing activities. And the torsion creates an imbalance that unduly stresses his right hip. We are working together to break down that less than optimal pattern so he can retrain himself to be stronger and perform better.

We understand that being an athlete requires practice, dedication, and a constant striving to be your best. Konea Massage is committed to helping you get the results you need through innovative techniques of bodywork. As well as educating you to have a better understanding of how best to encourage the body’s natural movements and functioning processes.

Your sports performance goals…

Since we are working on long-term goals, my work is slower than many people expect. This is because we are trying to effect change in your fascial network (your muscles are “embedded” in your fascia). I also ask for your participation in helping to find a better balance in your body.
Your participation and movement are necessary in order to help your body release non-optimal movement patterns and retrain itself to a more relaxed optimum state. We may use a variety of positions while clothed such as seated or standing work. While disrobed or clothed on the table we may use side-lying, prone or supine positions. Of course, all work is done within your comfort levels.


When working with vocalists /musicians all that matters is clear resonance of your sound. To accomplish your optimum best, it is imperative for your body to perform pain-free and without the risk of repetitive strain or injury.

Being a musician can be just as strenuous as an athlete, but often requires different elements of the body to be strengthened and aligned. A vocalist may find they have less strain on the vocal chords and better resonance in their instrument (voice) when there is myofascial work done on the face, throat, neck, and chest. This work helps to relax, align and expand the muscular framework and allow for greater movement and more supported breath. For example, another client we worked with is a jazz singer who was having trouble with voice projection. She was having difficulty with all of her voices, resulting in neck pain. Through thorough assessment and working with her we discovered her deep posterior diaphragm was not moving fully due to a postural distortion in her rib cage, causing her to overuse her upper chest and neck muscles for breathing. We released and repositioned her rib cage, so she could fully access her breath and alleviate her neck pain.

Konea Massage supports you and your body in your performance art or sport. All sessions are oriented to what you are trying to improve or recover from. I may use a combination of myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy and active and passive stretching and movement, as well as massage cupping to help you achieve your goals.
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“I have played professional rugby in Japan for Mazda Blue Zoomers for over six years. David has helped me with my pulled muscles and also my ligament strains. David provides an excellent service that allows me to return to the field in the quickest possible time. I highly recommend David to anyone who needs help with their injuries.”
M.T – Former Tongan International/Professional Rugby Player

“I felt pretty wrecked yesterday after completing my second week of back to back long runs totaling 84km over almost 12 hours. Worried that I had overdone things, I hobbled over to David. Today, although my legs felt tired, all soreness was gone and the thought of doing it all again next week now seems doable. Whether you are preparing to run 100 miles, want to get a crick out of your neck, or just want to be a couple of centimeters taller, get in touch with David Koerner on Maui. Thanks David!”

RESULTS: 2012 Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji- 42nd overall, 28:55:38
2013 Ultra-Trail Mount Fuji- 43rd overall 27:16:02
P.W. – Ultra-marathoner, Triathlete, Trail Runner, University Lecturer

My right knee finally needed some extra care after years of basketball, for me to continue to enjoy the sports and activities I have been accustomed to. After several sessions, David taught me various activities, stretches, and techniques on how to minimize the strain on my knee and for my body to recover more effectively.
D. T., Personal Development Coach and ever-improving golfer & basketball player

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